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Wall murals are a great addition to any space, but they can really make an impression when they’re used to decorate a whole wall. Modern wall murals are not boring is an ideal way to add visual interest to any home, office, or business décor.

We're pleased to offer two great products.

Wall Mural

"Ultra Mat" wallpaper is smooth mat and is made up of 100%% environmentally friendly materials and inks. These wallpaper are ideally suited to kitchen walls, living room walls, dining room walls, bedroom and office walls. The benefits of these wall murals is that you will not need to buy additional glue as it is very easy to do yourself. There will be no need to hire service experts and it will save you time and money.

"Vinyl premium" wallpaper which is very stylish and upscale. The pattern it leaves on the wall is very interesting and it's most suited to the dining room and living room. This wall mural is more durable and resistant to physical damage and also groundwork is more heavy then standard wallpaper. The wallpaper hardens to gluing and we would like to recommend hiring experts in order to apply it correctly.

However, both of these wall murals are printed in high quality which reflects the deep saturation in colours. materials and inks used are 100%% environmentally friendly, odorless and safe for children.

Ultra Matte

Ultra smooth and durable mural ideal for home, apartment and office. Any graphics printed on ULTRA MAT look stunning and the colors remain stable for up to 20 years! The material provides excellent print quality and contains no PVC, so it is breathable. The wallpaper has an adhesive layer, which is ready for immediate use, even by unskilled persons. approx. 215 µm thick. approx. 195 g/m2 heavy

Key benefits

  • easy to assemble
  • highest printing quality
  • colors remain stable for up to 20 years
  • fireproof (Class A)
  • easy removal

Wallpaper Latex

Latex paper for wall applications as wallpaper, printed with latex inks, easy to apply using standard wallpapers (need to wallpaper glue). It lightly dampens walls and is suitable for kitchen, table and office rooms. Color saturation is nice and the surface of the material is matte with a slight gloss.The thickness of photo wallpaper gives a little soundproofing of the room. Approx. 233 µm thick, Approx. 212 g/m2 heavy. The wall mural can be washed gently.

Vinyl Premium Mat

Wall murals

Wallpaper Mural Vinyl Premium Mat is highest brilliance, photorealistic print quality and good scratch resistance with non-woven construction for easier removal from substrate. Is Designed for high humidity like bathroom, or for high traffic places like restaurants with antibacterial shields, or room to make soundproofing and more warm by one top thickest wallpaper in the world. The wallpaper is the best combination of the world to get best quality, with super flexible and resists material on scratch. Easy put on the wall and 10 years warranty
Geek Details:

  • a weight of approx. 350 g / m2,
  • thickness of approx. 470 μm,
  • easy to keep the wallpaper clean (washability),
  • - the wallpaper has an antibacterial protection system Bio-Pruf (reducing the formation of unpleasant odors, mold, aesthetic problems on the surface),
  • fire classification according to EN 13501-1: B-s1, d0
  • - hygienic certificate

Photos for Your Wall Mural

We offer a huge selection of photos, including more than 38 million photographs. With such a wide variety to select from, you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing one that will give you a unique and beautiful look. Searching through our photo catalog is easy- simply enter the keywords, and the matching images will appear. The unique quality of our photos allows you to enhance the decor of any room, creating an original look. Having trouble finding the perfect photo for your wall mural? Simply contact us, and we will gladly help you!

How to mount the wallpaper home design "ultra mat"

Perfect for Any Interior Space

Depending on the size and illumination of the interior home, you can adjust the photo to suit your needs. Optical zoom allows you to create the perfect design for a small or narrow space. Landscape images and photos with natural elements like greenery, look beautiful in bright, well-lit spaces, such as in a salon. For spaces in which you want to create a calming, soothing atmosphere, choose a wall mural that embodies a Zen-like image. For spaces where you wish to inspire creativity, such as an office, choose a colorful image.

With our wallpapers, you can transform any plain, grey wall into an extraordinary décor feature. These product home design are ideal for a range of interior spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, open offices, restaurants, salons, travel agencies, retail shops, restrooms, fashion boutiques, and more. With our vast selection of images, you’ll be able to find the perfect style to suit any room, whether it’s at home, in a business, or in the office.

Create unique home design on wallsheaven

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