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Common Qs:

  • Are your wall murals safe for the environment?

    Naturally! Our products are fully eco-friendly and safe for the environment. You can use them in the presence of other people, including children.

  • Will your murals leave a sticky residue when removed?

    Wall murals made by Wallsheaven will not leave a sticky residue on the wall when removed.

  • Is the wall mural difficult to remove?

    Absolutely not! It is extremely easy and anyone can do it. Just use the usual tool to peel off part of the wall mural from the wall. When you do, just peel off the rest of the wall mural by hand.

  • Can I use wall murals in a bathroom?

    Of course! Our wall murals are extremely resistant and can be used even in very humid areas. But remember that before the use of the material in a humid place, use a special spray lamination. Lamination makes the wall mural remains for years in its unaltered state. By the way, the best material to use inside the bathroom is Vinyl Premium.

  • I recently painted my walls. Can I stick a wall mural on them?

    Do not put wall mural on the wall now! If your wall is not completely dry, you can destroy the wall because the paint will come off with the wallpaper. It may take much more time before the walls are completely dry than you think. It is best to ask the seller from whom you bought the paint how much time it needs to fully dry. Only after this time you can apply the wall mural.

  • The walls of my house are a little uneven. Can I use your wall murals?

    Naturally. But you have to remember that the ideal surface for wall murals should be clean and flat. Otherwise, the effect may not be what you had planned. On uneven surfaces it is best to use our Premium Vinyl wall mural, which is produced on thick backing and better covers inequalities. Use our practical tips placed from the YouTube channel and enjoy the beautiful images in any interior.

  • Will I receive installation instructions?

    Along with every order, you will receive a detailed installation instructions sheet. In addition, on our website you will find many valuable tips on how to properly use our products

  • How do I apply the mural?

    It's very simple. Just unfold and stick it to the wall. Okay, sometimes you have to put some more work in installation of wallpapers. For example, if you order a Premium Vinyl material, you must use a special glue for the wallpapers. But if you order a Standard Vinyl, adhesive is already applied to the mural and you can easily activate it with water. Detailed instructions on how to apply the mural is located HERE.

  • Can I clean my wall mural?

    Sure. If dirty, you can wash the mural using a gentle cleanser, but you cannot avoid the risk of fading or damaging the material. To be absolutely sure that nothing happens, we recommend laminating your fabric wall murals with a protectant spray in order protect the ink from moisture and fading. Also, watch our tutorial on the YouTube channel. Learn as much as possible before buying, because Wallsheaven is not responsible for the materials being used improperly.

  • Can I put a wall mural over existing wallpaper?

    Yes, only you can decide where you want to put a wall mural. You can do this even on existing wallpaper, although we do not recommend it.

  • Can I use my wall mural on a surface other than a wall?

    Of course! You can place products from Wallsheaven on hundreds of different surfaces. They may be doors, windows, ceilings, floors, furniture, laptops, mobile phones and even cars. It all depends on what type of material you choose. Descriptions of all materials and their use can be found HERE.

  • Can I use my wall mural outdoors?

    Yes, our wall murals can be placed on the outside. They are very resistant, even at low temperatures. However, in this case you have to remember about proper protection of material, because the action of solar radiation and bad weather can weaken the glue. First of all, the wall should be smooth and dry. We strongly recommend placing it on a clean, flat surface and using a protective spray lamination to protect the mural from moisture and UV fading. If you strictly follow our advice, wall murals remain intact for years.

  • Do I need to take special care of the wall mural?

    Our wallpapers do not need special protection, unless you want to put a mural outside (see next question). But it is important, however, to properly place the mural on the wall. If we paste it correctly inside the house, the wall mural will last for years. Before you install the mural, we encourage you to watch our special guide on our YouTube channel. In the guide you will learn how to properly apply a wall mural or sticker. Just relax, it's really easy!

  • How long will my wall mural stay up?

    Our wall murals are made of ultra-durable materials. Each of them is highly resistant to scratches and fading. For all customers, we give a 5-year warranty on our products. Of course, if you take care of the wall mural, the material can remain on the wall for many years without any visible changes. There is an option to buy an extended warranty for 15 years. Warranty options can be found in your shopping cart.

  • What is Wallsheaven?

    Wallsheaven is the largest wall mural store on the Internet. Every day, our products are exported to over 30 countries around the world. Our largest groups of customers are residents of the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Brazil, Japan, China, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland. We love creativity. That's why we have created a place where the beauty of graphics and photographs meets with the delight of customers. You can find here 20 million wall murals, canvases, posters and stickers. All pictures are created by designers from all over the world. We are people who see the difference between what is just good and what is unique. It's nice to see you here.

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You can return or replacement within 90 days any product without reason.

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Our prints are odorless, ecological, and safe for children with vivid colors are from natural dyes.

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Installing WallsHeaven's wallpaper mural is as easy as making paper airplane.

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By choosing our photos, you will support the artists from all over the world.

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