Entering size is below the picture of the product. You can find your product using search. For the convenience of our customers we make it possible to change the unit of measurement. There are 3 units to change: inch, ft, cm. The default setting is inches.

All prints are on demand, perfectly suited to your needs and comfort.

See example of the product:

What size to choose?

Measure the dimensions of the wall or enter any size according to the instuctions.

Size is given in the format: Width x Height unit. Examples: 20x30"

The process of submission and a summary of the product is to the right of the site. As above in the drawing

What is max sizes?

We deliver the highest quality prints, we take care. That's the maximum size is for maximum quality. Any time you exceed the maximum dimensions, window sizes will change to red. Of course, if someone need a little bit more than the max size, you can place your order and we will process it.

Sizes, photo crop and price?

Every time you change the size, the cropping of the photo changes and so does the price for printing. The total price of the product is added to the price of license.

What is the precision size of printing?

The precision size are due to printing technology.

Notes: What are the subtle differences in color on your monitor? and How to crop?